Helmsdale and District Highland Games

Saturday 17 August 2019

History of Helmsdale and District Highland Games

The first Helmsdale and District Highland Games were held on Saturday 29th of August 1981.

A Chieftain of The Games is appointed each year.

29th August 1981  Frank Macpherson  

4th August 1982   Robert Macleod   

20th August 1983  Anderson Murray  

18th August 1984  Dr S H MacIntosh  

17th August 1985  J.O.F Mackay  

16th August 1986  Hugh Macpherson   

15th August 1987  Sir Anthony Nutting  

20th August 1988  Lt. Col. A.S Christian   

19th August 1989  Alexander Innes  

18th August 1990  Jimmy MacGregor   

17th August 1991  Dennis Macleod  

15th August 1992  James B Cowie  

21st August 1993  Jemmima MacRostie  

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20th August 1994  R.R MacDonald  

19th August 1995  Edward Mackay  

17th August 1996  Nessie Murray   

16th August 1997  Robin Campbell  

15th August 1998  Donald S Fraser   

21st August 1999  Sir Michael Wigan  

19th August 2000  Dr Sheila Thorpe  

17th August 2001  Donald Polson   

17th August 2002  Hector MacPherson   

23rd August 2003  Tommy Traill  

21st August 2004   Rita Finlayson  Rita Finlayson

20th August 2005   Nancy Sinclair  Nancy Sinclair

19th August 2006   Andy Sutherland   Andy Sutherland

18th August 2007  George Murray  George Murray

16th August 2008  Colin MacKenzie  Colin MacKenzie

15th August 2009  Bobby Macleod  Bobby Macleod

20th August 2010  Edwyn Collins  Edwyn Collins

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20th August 2011  Christine Cowie  Christine Cowie

18th Augus 2012  Christine Sutherland  Christine Sutherland

17th August 2013  Ian Sinclair  Ian Sinclair

16th August 2014  Kathleen MacTaggart  Kathleen MacTaggart

15th August 2015  Deirdre Mackay  Deirdre Mackay

20th August 2016     Michael Jamieson  Michael Jamieson

19th August 2017     Julian Innes  Julian Innes

18th August 2018     Alan Macrae  Alan Macrae

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